By Jaybeau Jones, November 12th

Ok, now I’m inspired. If you haven’t heard of Two Grannies On The Road, they are about to arrive in your orbit. Maybe you’re a subscriber of their You Tube Channel, or Instagram, or their Facebook. One thing is for sure. If you haven’t heard of them, they have probably passed by you on the streets of Massachusetts hitting our small town shops, for coffee, pies, cheese, arts, crafts antiques and even ALPACAS.

With their THOUSANDS of followers, they are taking social media by storm. Now they haven’t been invited on Kimmel. But some think Chronicle is next.

Chronicle Meets Golden Girls

Take a Plymouth web designer, and a Connecticut nurse, add a car, some granola bars and the desire to explore every nook and cranny in New England and you have Two Grannies On The Road.  

Granny #1: Plymouth’s Beth Sobiloff changed careers at 50 to become a web designer.

Granny #2: Connecticut’s Marcia Rothwell, retired from nursing after 46 years.

Today, these two nook and cranny grannie adventurers uncover the arts and crafts, jams and jellies, and cracker and cheese havens of New England. Then, creating videos, share the backwoods gold on their social media.

Their Real Mission

The Two Grannies mission is not just sampling just jams and jellies. Beth and Marcia were featured in an NPR interview last year. When they saw many baby boomer friends that were facing job loss, not ready to retire and replaced by a younger generation, they decided to help. Creating these video podcasts, they wanted to showcase baby boomers who reinvented themselves creating small businesses through out New England. Also, they had friends that wanted to switch careers and create their dream, like opening up a restaurant. But they had no idea how to do it. Beth and Marcia felt these videos would help and inspire those to pursue their dream.

These Grannies Hit 19 Stores In Two Days

If you check out their Facebook and Instagram, Beth and Marcia are hitting (by the time you read this, they may have completed the mission) NINETEEN country store locations in just three days. It’s all part of the Country Roads Tour in Central Massachusetts. 

Take a look below at a few of the stores on the tour they are visiting. I just saw a location today! Say hello to my favorite smiling happy friend at the Plain View Alpaca Farm in Hubbardston. This is a REAL photo, not retouched or photoshopped. 

Two Grannies Take On Ridiculous Massachusetts Challenge


Country Roads Road Map Of Locations

Did Someone Say Real Maple Syrup?

Two Grannies On The Road on one of the stops on the Country Roads Tour. The Valcourt Sugar Shack. 

Alpacas Anyone?

Plain View Farm

This place is a little piece of heaven. Keith and Debbie run this amazing farm a short drive away in Hubbardston. You see 28 Alpacas, 3 llamas and a bunch of chickens. The alpaca picture above is a REAL untouched photo. You can arrange a private tour of the farm and get up close to these pretty things! There’s also a shop with a variety of wool items, ornaments and everything alpaca! Keith and Debby LOVE these animals as you will see when you visit.

Click here for more.

Country Antiques

The only item of age that I own is an autographed mic stand signed by Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon. For REAL antiques, try this place.

Finnish Coffee Bread?

What is finnish coffee bread? I’ll eat it at The Kitchen Garden in Templeton.

NO ONE Knows Cheesy More Than Me

You can’t have a country tour without a classic cheese shop like Smith’s Country Cheese in Winchendon.