Inspiring Baby Boomers to Live their Dreams

We’re going for ours…and you should too!

Ginny Just is a graphic designer. Beth Sobiloff is a web designer. They are friends, grandmothers, and ready for adventure. Having had a long-time dream of spending time traveling across the country, they decided the only way they were going to be able to do that was to find a way to keep their businesses going while taking the trip. Thus, Two Grannies on the Road was born.

But this isn’t just about taking a trip!

Baby Boomers in the Business World

This is about baby boomers beginning to feel irrelevant in a fast-paced, young world.  Yet we have so much to offer.  Never mind the buying power alone of the baby boomer population! With years of accumulated experience, knowledge and wisdom, the world still needs us, whether they know it or not.


Connecting Baby Boomers and Millennials

Let’s face it, many baby boomers could use help keeping up with technology.  Especially those in business need to embrace progress rather than ignore it.


Listen to the Two Grannies on Powerful Women Revealed

Listen to the Two Grannies on Empowering Women

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